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If there are better SS then by all means go that way. I would rather draft Austin anyways! Wolfe is a DT, I'm sure if Denver had a option they liked better at his DE spot he would be playing inside more. I think we a very lucky right now!
There's another interesting thought..
Prior to the start of the season they were high on Hunter, then you have Malik Jackson, Ayers, and Beal who can all play DE.. The big question is do any of them pose an upgrade at SDE? Maybe from pash rush, but what about setting the edge and run support?

I have to admit, the more I think about it, I think there are better DT prospects who would cause havoc the way we run our scheme.
Short and Brandon Williams are my two favorite, and we should take them both if available and draft to the drafts strengths. Cincy has a great DT rotation which has the best DT in football (Geno Adkins) yet they still drafted Devon Still and Brandon Thompson.. We should do that this year and really bolster the talent and depth on the line, that's how teams get better.

If you take Hunt to play SDE, Wolfe needs to add some size to play inside.. And we still need a dominant NT. Which brings us to the issue of our DTs. I like Vickerson, but he is a nice rotational player. Unrein is not anything special, Bannan is not a long term answer, the verdict is out on Silga, and Warren is gone. So even if you have Wolfe as a starter, and Vickerson in the rotation, I think you still add two in the draft and take what the draft is strong in..

Ideally I would trade down and add picks..
I would focus on impact players in FA ready to contribute.. MLB may be better than we think with some cuts and moves this offseason, and a WR who can contribute right away. You know I like Larry Grant and Collie..

And if we could land Kawann Short DT, Margus Hunt SDE, and Brandon Williams DT, in the first three rounds, we would have a dominate young DLine to sit back and watch!
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