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No but he had his hand picked franchise qb in Jay Cutler and he gave the final go ahead on every single player on his roster for his entire tenure here.

Sure Manning is a big piece but it's the rest of what Elway put together that has made this team special.
I's sure Shanny agrees with the fact that he spent too long thinking he could win a SB with Brian Griese and Jake Plummer all the while he was being eliminated in the playoffs by Ben Roethelssberger and Peyton Manning. That is why he pulled the plug on Plummer. He knew Denver would not get through Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Ben Roethelessberger in the AFC with Plummer. He went to DC and he saw the same thing was happening. So he pulled the trigger ang got RGIII. Now he will be able to utilize the full Shanhan playbook and even expand it. Shanahan wasted a few years in Denver on QBs that can't win and eventually it cost him his job. It looks like he learned his lesson in Washington and they will be a team that can win the SB for years to come because of it.
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