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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Because you're a ****ing douche that's had to re register for being laughed off the board already. You ignored my statement of finding superior comparisons and instead your response was 70-75 players on that roster? So now you're not only criticizing PS depth, but TC fodder as well.
I didn't ignore anything... I listed teams.

Ignoring is what you did to the various points I brought up about Shanahan. And if you couldn't understand my logic of 70-75 players, then you should probably go back to high school and take some classes on proportions/ratios or something.

You even named 1 that wasn't even on the damn roster since 2004 and never played for us so you must feel Shanny deserves credit for a guy that never played for the Broncos...

Your bias is out this damn world and you must have a crack pipe stored some where too.
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