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Sorry but I could care less.. All it does is raise the price of contracts when they come due.

As for recognition the players themselves know as do the coaching staffs.

I know what they have done and to get all butt hurt that amp other team has players and we do not is well less than manly IMO.

So I look at as dollar signs that I do not have to spend because they go to the pro bowl.

Both poort$$ and Ashley both wanted huge contract after going there and comparing notes on how much those other player made and their contract.

The agents also see HUGE $ signs and pump smoke up their butts about how they are over playing their current contracts.

Once again it does not bother me all that much. I think might add it gives a player more incentive when they see someone that has not had the same season they do go. so next year there is even more passion than this year.

Please do not forget how players we lost after our Super Bowl seasons because we were at cap MaX and at least four players moved on ASAP.

I'd rather keep the team together as long as I can, for as little money as I have to spend.
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