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If you think I'm ripping Smith because the Chiefs want him, you're wrong. If this was last year and it was Luck and RGIII coming out, I would be the most miserable person in the world on draft day. It's just how the Chiefs are. They find ways to fail in epic ways. I mean they even got to draft a QB in 1983 and took the worst one. Eason and O'Brien would have even been better. But the Chiefs found a way to screw it up. Now they have their worst record in a long time, look at the first pick in the draft, and are facing one of the worst classes in the last five years.

I bet you guys get Geno Smith, he bombs, and the other QB's taken ALL become amazing, further adding to your fail. In fact there will probably be some sixth round pick that goes Brady and becomes a HOF legend, while Geno Smith is backing up the Cardinals in 2019.
Hmm well I like Tyler Wilson as my #1 guy, though I wouldn't mind him or Geno Smith.

And fun fact this time last year Kiper had RG3 ranked 24th on his big board.

Different people will be running the Chiefs than now or 1983, so we don't know what will happen.

Oh and if there is one class that is going to suck, it's next years QB class. The Louisville QB is the only real good one and he's not even that great.
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