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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
Cmon baja, for real? We've won 10 straight, our record is 12-3 and we have a chance for the #1 seed this week and you're asking if we think the Broncos are an elite team. Seriously? This is even a question?

All you have is the here and now. Anybody who is talking about maybe not elite if we don't win the in the playoffs, nobody can predict. All we can go by is where are the Broncos right now. Right now, yes they are elite, if you don't think so you are a retard.
Check the poll results. You tell me.

The thing is the word "Elite" is like the word God it almost defies definition.

To some Elite means you have built a team that competes for a ring for several seasons for example Shanahan's 96 - 98 Broncos to others such as yourself it means a 12 win season.
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