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Again, hate zombies are stupid. Tebow was a second year player in his 11th start. He struggled. He was told to pull the trigger. He was mush rushed. It is not stupidity to assume he would improve, its stupidity to assume he wouldnt. Again, the haters are the zombies who cling to 4 games as if they tell the whole story, but ignore the other 12.

Tebow is not a good one claimed he was. But he could be successful and HAS BEEN in this league already.

those of us that see that are smart, those who claim 16 starts in which a winning record on a losing team was the FACT and that means the guy should be a FB are ****ing morons.

Its that simple. Morons, haters, zombies.the facts are on the side of him being successful.

Ignoring reality makes you a hater, or a moron.

Does he suck as a passer? Yes..can he win? .he already has'

Keepc being mindless zombies for all I care. But here, in reality, its more fun.

What is he 8-6 as a starter? 6-8 if Marion barber wasn't an idiot and Miami knew how recover a kick.
So that means Vince Young should still be playing? Cause he's won way more than tebow. Better win loss percentage.

Your arguement is ridiculous when you state there not enough play time to critique tebow, yet hold the arguement he's already won in that same exact frame time. Bad QBs don't win long term in the NFL.

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