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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
The fact that the Jags and Raiders have targeted him is a red flag he sucks already.
The only reason he's in a discussion with those teams is because they pick #2 and #3.

If the Eagles, Browns, Cardinals or Jets were picking #2 or #3 they'd probably be after Geno, too.

Geno is being mocked by a lot of people at #1 now. has him going 1st overall. Noted draft guru Matt Miller has him going #1 to the Chiefs, too.

If I'm the #Chiefs, Geno Smith is my guy unless a trade out is possible. He's athletic, exciting, productive enough to spark offense.
The only people who don't seem to be on the Geno bandwagon at this point are dumb Chiefs fans who want Tim Tebow or Alex Smith, or Broncos fans who are so scared of the Chiefs getting a stud QB they're going way too far on disparaging the man who is clearly the top QB coming out.
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