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Originally Posted by baja View Post
In your opinion what makes up an elite team? The atrabutes.
Now this opens me up for some criticism. I really think the word "elite" like the word "awesome" should be given out sparingly after there has been a high level of accomplishment over some length of time. I think the 1996 -1998 Broncos were elite. Accomplishments include numerous playoff victories and even a championship (criticism coming). Teams that consistently get to the playoffs but fail at the next level are not elite. The Atlanta Falcons are very, very good and are on the cusp of being elite but they haven't quite earned the title of "elite". The 1969 - 1971 Baltimore Orioles were elite but were the 1969 - 1971 Minnesota Twins, maybe, maybe not.

This isn't a perfect definition. Certainly because it is my opinion.

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