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Originally Posted by Butterscotch Stallion View Post
should I go on pwning you, or just stop now?
Lol you're not pwning anyone, Miami wins that game if not for a lucky diving catch by the receiver, the jets let up on how they were playing tebow on that last drive. It's good thing the media criticized the jets for a entire week for changing the scheme on defense on that last drive,cuz I might not have remembered otherwise. The Steelers? Overconfidence on their part & injuries lead to that. I could've thrown for 300 yds in that game.

Tebow had some great fluke games. Wasn't he 1-4 to end the season once teams figured him out. He finished the season the same way it started.

I seem to remember Elway saying that tebow would have to improve in two areas for a long term commitment to Denver(paraphrasing): completion percentage & 3rd down conversion.
Guess what,he never improved.
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