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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
Honestly, what's more interesting? The Broncos did the same thing they've done the past ten weeks, or Cowboys vs. Redskins for the NFC East title this weekend? Pagano returns to his playoff bound team. RGIII Rookie sensation surging past the rest of the NFC East. The Steelers folding and fallout for Haley and Big Ben. The Bears imploding. Aaron Rogers dragging a mash-unit of a team into the playoffs just as they are getting healthy. Calvin Johnson and AD making history. Niners/Seahawks.

The Broncos fate is largely decided. The media has to squeeze in all the regular season drama because a lot of teams are about to be eliminated and irrelevant. When the playoffs begin things will change.
Yup. The Broncos were "interesting" last year, and got ridiculous amounts of coverage.

Not even the Chiefs fans are up for this week's game. They just want it over quick and ugly so they can get to their draft fantasies.
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