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I agree with what your saying, but think about it from the coaches perspective. How can he justify starting one player over another when the one getting benched out-performs the starter in practice by a wide margin? How does he have any credibility with his team? Also, the problem with the "he only passes well if the game on the line" theory is this: what if the game is out of reach by the time the 4th quarter rolls around? It puts a lot of stress on a defense to say every game, "OK, hold these guys under 20 and then Tebow will steal it at the end. But you MUST keep it under 20!" That's not a realistic way to construct a team. By the end of last season, the formula was starting to fail (see the 7-3 loss to the Chiefs and blow-out loss to the Bills).

Tebow is 9-7 as a starter (including playoffs), so let's not pretend he's the golden egg who can't lose. He also closed with a 1-4 stretch last season, including multiple blow-out losses. Also, Vince Young "just won," too. The reality is that as with Young, there were other factors at play that lead to those winning records. All last season proved was that Tebow sucked less than Orton. I imagine he would have sucked less than Sanchez, too, if given the chance. Again, I like Tebow and hope someone gives him a real chance over a full season running an offense designed around him, but this "he just wins" thing is over-simplified at best.
I've never heard people talk about losing "streaks" which include a playoff win sandwiched in the middle. At least 2/3rds of playoff teams go 1-1 or worse in the playoffs.
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