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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post

wow breezing through this i was shocked to find out the IRS of course does make churches account for things with forms. They even tax some church busineses. Looks like the IRS is all over this FED! you made it sound like churches never have to show where any of the money goes. Looks like the govt has a form for that dip****. Just like they do everything.
If you'd bothered to actually inform yourself, you'd have learned that form 990 is what non-profits (other than churches) are required to fill out which details how their income is used.

Religious organizations (e.g. Catholic hospitals) are not exempt, but "chuches" are. See: Church of Scientology, WBC, Mormon Chuch, etc. Just not the parts of their organizations that they decide to admit are for profit.

"The following is a list of some of the organizations that are not required to file Form 990,
990-EZ or 990-N .
■ Churches (as opposed to “religious organizations,” defined earlier)
■ Inter-church organizations of local units of a church
■ Mission societies sponsored by or affiliated with one or more churches or church
denomination, if more than half of the activities are conducted in, or directed at, persons
in foreign countries
■ An exclusively religious activity of any religious order"

See page 22 OF YOUR OWN LINK.

Also from your own ****ing link, other special privileges given to churches:

* Automatic Exemption (p 3)
* Special tax free compensation to church employees, i.e. parsonage (p 19)

And as far as auditing, in 1984 the Church Audit Procedures Act which places restrictions on the auditing authority (specifically the IRS's ability to audit whether or not a church is in compliance with tax law) of the IRS that are greater than other non-profits. See section 7611.

In particular, it indicates that an audit can only be initiated if a "sufficiently high ranking Treasury officer" believes the church is breaking the law. The supposed purpose is to protect the church from "political based harassment".

Of course, no other non-profit (even political ones like the NRA or the ACLU) enjoy such special consideration.

The glaring oversight of the law, of course, is that it does not indicate who a "sufficiently high ranking Treasure officer" is, so the IRS has actually (recently) halted any audits:

"BNA Daily Report for Executives dated 10/22/2012 (subscription required) reports that the the Internal Revenue Service has temporarily suspended tax audits of churches pending final adoption of IRS rule changes to clarify which high level Treasury official has authority to make a determination under IRC Sec. 7611 that there are reasonable grounds to begin a church tax inquiry…"

(that site it quoting a Bloomburg piece)
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