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Originally Posted by errand View Post
This is where Tebow's not practicing very well comes back to bite him in his're not going to get opportunities as a WR or pass catching TE if you drop passes in're not going to be the team's first choice at PR/KR if you're fumbling or muffing're never going to attempt a 50 yard FG if you cannot hit them in practice...

so why is it so shocking to you and your clown posse that a QB who sucks throwing the ball in pratice doesn't get that many opportunities to throw the ball in actual games?
I personally did not go to a Broncos training camp while Tim was in Denver but your comments are supported by what others have seen. As one who wanted to see Tim succeed, I did see the many passes in games sailing high and wide, hit the turf three yards in front of the receiver and the ball being delivered too late where the receiver was pinched up against the sideline waiting for the ball. At the same time, the body language of the teammates was obvious when it happened and it happened often enough. Often enough that Elway/Fox were very careful in the praise given to Tim even during the winning streak last year. Often enough, that Elway had to make a decision - is this going to correct itself with time or do we go another way.

I assume nothing changed in New York. I really think Ryan didn't want to change the offense so drastically to best fit Tebow's skill set. I think Ryan is on a much shorter leash in NY than Fox was his first year in Denver. Therefore, go to the 3rd stringer who simply throws the ball better.

Is someone going to attach the famous Allen Iverson practice video?
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