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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post

Improvement requires repeated opportunity.
Reminds me of the Kyle Brady saga when he was a NY Jet.....he was always complaining about never getting any "opportunities" to catch the ball in Bill Parcells' offense. One day in practice Brady dropped a few passes evidently and that prompted Parcells to quip, "Yeah Kyle....that's another one of those opportunities you say you never get..."

This is where Tebow's not practicing very well comes back to bite him in his're not going to get opportunities as a WR or pass catching TE if you drop passes in're not going to be the team's first choice at PR/KR if you're fumbling or muffing're never going to attempt a 50 yard FG if you cannot hit them in practice...

so why is it so shocking to you and your clown posse that a QB who sucks throwing the ball in pratice doesn't get that many opportunities to throw the ball in actual games?
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