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At this point, we're a lock for the weekend of 12th so long as we win this weekend. We're 16pt faves and will play to win (assuming NE wins earlier that day, which they probably also will).
From that, I'm willing to take a leap of faith and book the flight ahead of the big rush AND before the 2 week window ends.

Originally, I was really hoping I could get tix through an alternate route (I know someone, blah blah). But this may or may not happen, and I won't know if it does till a few days before the game. So in the mean time, and to hedge my bets, I was going to try to buy 2 tix as insurance. If my guy comes through, awesome and I'll sell one set of tix.

It's all getting freaking complicated!
Maybe I'm better watching from the couch
I landed a spare pair of tix on ticketmaster last year for the PIT game (in the south stands). Just went in the minute they were listed. I honestly don't know if the sale was regionally locked or not though.

Big thing to watch out for is when using the "best available" option, it'll often times land in the club level, which is generally too rich for my blood. It's kind of a pita when you're trying to hurry through an order. But if you're looking at aftermarket tickets anyway, original club level prices might not seem so bad.

Then back in 2006 (for the Pats, before I had season tix) I found two single-seat tickets that were one-behind the other. That worked out pretty well. I think their system might be better at packaging those as a "pair" nowadays though.

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