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Originally Posted by Orange&BlueMohawk View Post
Okay I have slowly been stockpiling my furiosity over the last couple weeks. If I'm not careful, I am going to start boiling over.

For as good as we are doing, and how we are looking going into the last week of the regular season, and potentially getting the Number 1 seed, the only thing Broncos in the entire 1 hour show was our three passing touchdown highlights, a total of 20ish seconds.

They spent more time talking about everything else (obviously) but most notably rookie QB's (RGIII, Luck, Wilson), coaching changes, and five minutes of a Chuggers/ Jets game with sound.

Hell, our game had to have been way more interesting than the Jets/ Chuggers. Even if ours wasn't close.

There was more interest/ coverage in the Vikings/ Texans (thanks AD) but we are better than the Texans.

Overall, I am more disappointed that there was a serious lack of interest in one of the better stories going into the playoffs, especially since we are at the top of our game, on a serious win streak, and roughly the top of power rankings. And how close the race for our Number 1 is.

Anyone else feeling this lack of love, or just getting fed up with it. Better start respecting. Also, other thoughts.
I don't know your age or how long you have been a Bronco fan, but in 1996 through 1998, it was no different. The national sports scene is centered on the east coast. Its reporters and staffs originate from that area and so do their allegiances. This bias will never change. When Denver went to SB32, the national news was focused on another John Elway beating.

The media did not recognize that Denver brought a much superior team than the 80's Reeves led teams. They sat stunned with about 5 minutes to go and afterwards trying to explain this upset of great proportions. Anyone who sat through the Bronco 80's knew different.

The following year, when it was difficult to repeat, the national media watched out of the corner of their eye at Denver. What they saw the next year was a better team which saw many of the games on ice by the 3rd quarter. Who knows how many yards TD would have finished with that year. Instead of singing the Bronco praises, the national media prayed for a Jacksonville type upset through the playoffs. For once, the NFC delivered a team to the Superbowl which unequally matched the Broncos as Denver had been unequal to the teams they faced in the 80's Superbowls.

However, the media's prayers were answered in short order, Elway was exchanged for Griese, Lepsis rolled up on TD, Shanahan's britches became too small and the bottom was finally reached when McDaniels rode into town.

Team Elway/Fox have purged the attitude from Dove Valley with an influx of some pretty capable players including some good free agent finds. They hit the jackpot with the Manning signing which was the perfect solution for exiting Tebow. I love Tebow and would still love to see him show everyone wrong but Denver had to jump into the Manning sweepstakes. My wife still hasn't emotionally detached herself from what Denver did to Tim.

We have now come full circle to about 1996. The media still doesn't recognize the Broncos may be a much better TEAM. This is all about Manning. The HOF Manning. Surely Denver will find its end when they face that east coast monster in New England and pretty boy Brady (not Quinn).

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