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Back in the stone age, about all we had was the weekly NFL films show (usually on Saturday afternoons.) Dramatic footage, set to music, but most teams got more or less equal time.

Then came the highlights section of Monday Night Football. Compressed down to four or five minutes, not every game made the cut. If your team won, but didn't get mentioned, that was cause for putting a shoe through the TV, especially since Howard made plenty of editorial comments about who was good and who was blah. That's when I first saw people complaining about respect from the media. But you still had the NFL films show on Saturdays to sooth your fanaticism.

When Inside the NFL started, they devoted a lot more time to film. But over the years, as the market has been flooded with the NFL channel and multiple ESPN and other sports shows, not to mention Sunday night games, Thursday night games, and internet sites like, chances are most people have seen most highlights from most games at least three or four times before Inside the NFL even airs. So, over time, they spend less time showing film and more time on features and talking heads that usually focus on whatever theme or player strikes them at the moment.

I miss the good old days, except the part where we lost a lot.
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