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Originally Posted by Orange&BlueMohawk View Post
Well, I can see it now, from every (anal)yst, commentator, and douche they allow to talk on TV like we care about their opinions.

'I have been saying it all year: look out for the Broncos. I have been on their side since Day 1.'

The only real opinion I pay attention to is Steve Mariucchi. Mainly because he is smart and not a tool.
Isn't this thread the very definition of "caring about their opinions"?

Sorry man, we're playing so well, so efficiently right now, we're kind of boring to those who aren't a fan of the team. "Oh, the Broncos won again? Oh." Meanwhile, RG3 is pulling victory after victory out of his helmet, and Andrew Luck is having an astounding rookie campaign.

I prefer the lack of attention. As long as I can see the games, nothing else really matters.
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