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Originally Posted by errand View Post
Wow, really? How is it Manning is hitting on 68.1% of his passes while throwing to the same starting WR's Tebow could only complete 46.5%?
Because one is Peyton ****ing Manning and the other is Tim Tebow?

A lot of very good QBs had bad completion percentages in their first season or two. Hell, Eli Manning was a straight pocket QB and his first season had a completion percentage down around 48%. That was with a team that built the offense to his strengths and gave him a ton of pre-season snaps. Meanwhile you're grading Tebow on an offense that was designed for Jake Delhomme and Kyle Orton, where Tebow got basically zero first team snaps up until becoming the starter.

Tebow has yet to be given a real shot in a spread option offense (his strength) on a team that actually wants him as their QB. The Broncos moving on makes sense in that Elway wanted "his guy" long term and landed Peyton Manning short term. The Jets clearly engaged in false advertising with Tebow, being far more interested in the stress a wildcat QB like Tebow could put on opposing defensive gameplans than they were in developing him as a QB. Its a damn shame that the guy has gotten such a raw deal in the NFL, hopefully it turns around and he gets a chance to really try being a QB for the first time since being drafted.
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