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Originally Posted by ol#7
I am not sure I can break this down any further for you. Shanny tried to retool with what was left post SB run, and we stayed in the mix and nearly won a 3rd title. That was what was expected of him and the franchise, and that was what they delivered. He never did blow anything up. Hence the reason we were playing for a playoff spot in 2006. He coached too well for that. What he did was try and get an elite QB. Adding a couple D-lineman to the Jake Plummer led Bronco's was never going to be good enough.
What kind of crackhead logic is this?

So from the last super bowl to the season you're talking about, 7 years later, it took that long to win a playoff game?

It took 7 years after the last super bowl to win a playoff game. Think about that son... what winning franchise can accept this?

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