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You really have no rational brain cell and to try and bash me for providing this forum with a play by play break down of Ronnie Hillman to HELP others see what offensive line is doing, goes to show the absolute length you're willing to go to make a point.

Jabbing me for taking pictures and breaking down plays for the forum? Is this a joke?

We just won the playoffs and the division a year ago, and you say we would suck.

I just told you we've had injuries at damn near every position, yet you make no valid point by saying we have Ramirez and Joe Mays. Seriously?

You must be one of those people who think that there should be a starter-caliber player behind every other starter on the team.

Like I said, you really have no rational brain cell.

Saying that Elway won't be graded until after Manning has got to be one of the dumbest things to be said to cap off this year.


Herndon and Walls played in the league for 2 more years after the Broncos let them go, get your damn facts straight and stop jading them in your favor. Unless you're counting Herndon's last season of 4 games and 2 tackles.
Did Herndon make an NFL roster 3 years after leaving the Broncos? Then yes. But it's funny to think about a pro athlete making a team, since I am sure you have done that and more. !!!!

Aside from Manning, what foundational pieces has Elway added to last years 8-8 team? Wolfe pretty good. Everyone else is a situational player at best, and their true value has yet to be tested. Grade is incomplete, but you read that as bashing.

I am elated that they are doing this well. I didn't think they had enough talent for Manning to make this much of a difference. Doesn't mean that they aren't playing better with Manning than they would have with just about anyone else they could have played at QB this year though.

My point was an Elite QB probably is worth 5,6,7,8 wins to a team, all things being relative. That kind of talent swing is hard to judge against as there are few truly Elite QB's. With our schedule this year, same draft/FA's, and Tebow (who I wanted back) we might only win 6-7 games this year. Elway knows this. Elway drug some pretty mediocre teams to championships. But to say that this roster has a solid foundation with or without Manning...Shows you have no perspective on the matter.
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