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Wait, I thought injuries weren't supposed to happen after Shanahan left?

Yes judge how many players are left from 2006-08 in a league where the average career is 4 years. Seems fair. You bagged on Walls and Herndon, both of which played for other teams for 3 more seasons after leaving the Broncos.

I am not sure I can break this down any further for you. Shanny tried to retool with what was left post SB run, and we stayed in the mix and nearly won a 3rd title. That was what was expected of him and the franchise, and that was what they delivered. He never did blow anything up. Hence the reason we were playing for a playoff spot in 2006. He coached too well for that. What he did was try and get an elite QB. Adding a couple D-lineman to the Jake Plummer led Bronco's was never going to be good enough.

I already stated elite QB play masks talent deficiencies. This is pretty much the same team talent wise as the 8-8 Tebow led Bronco's. What other pieces have they really added this year? Maybe you can make another post breaking down Hillman, and diagram why we are winning at a 5+ game better rate with him on the roster.

This is the same team that was starting Joe Mays and continues to trot Ramirez out there to get owned. They are extremely thiiiiiin at alot of spots, and are getting damn lucky that a couple of FA CB's are panning out....Just like Walls and Herndon.

Not too sure we have any kind of Foundation if Manning goes down. Honestly I think without 18 we would suck. Hopefully we don't have to find that out anytime soon.
You really have no rational brain cell and to try and bash me for providing this forum with a play by play break down of Ronnie Hillman to HELP others see what offensive line is doing, goes to show the absolute length you're willing to go to make a point.

Jabbing me for taking pictures and breaking down plays for the forum? Is this a joke?

We just won the playoffs and the division a year ago, and you say we would suck.

I just told you we've had injuries at damn near every position, yet you make no valid point by saying we have Ramirez and Joe Mays. Seriously?

You must be one of those people who think that there should be a starter-caliber player behind every other starter on the team.

Like I said, you really have no rational brain cell.

Saying that Elway won't be graded until after Manning has got to be one of the dumbest things to be said to cap off this year.


Herndon and Walls played in the league for 2 more years after the Broncos let them go, get your damn facts straight and stop jading them in your favor. Unless you're counting Herndon's last season of 4 games and 2 tackles.

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