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Oh, now Kubiak is soft because he inherited a broken David Carr and a mess of a Texans team.

I love Wade Phillips, but he is as soft as they come. An OK coordinator though. Hardly the Reason the rest of the AFC has been chasing the Texans all year or the fact that they rode a 3rd string rookie QB to the second round of the playoffs last year though.
Did you see the Texans defense before Wade Phillips? They were 30 in the league... 30TH IN THE LEAGUE

Have you seen the Texans defense when they hired Wade Phillips? Last year they were number 2 in yardage and 4 in points.

Did you see how the Broncos oline got manhandled this year when we played the Texans?

I know know much about Wade Phillips past as a DC but I know damn well in Houston he's put together a physical attacking defense. I also know because I had them on my fantasy squad for part of the year

He's done a FANTASTIC job as DC in Houston...

Kubiak was damn near going to get fired until Wade Phillips got hired.

Lay down the crack pipe.
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