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Are you really stooping to this level of stupidity? We all know damn well Kubiak is a great offensive coach. Larry Coyer was let go as the scape goat. Larry Coyer was ok, but Kubiak was great and he was hired in 1995. Kubiak had the same soft football blood in him too as you saw with the Texans until they hired a real defensive coach.

Josh called, and he said he loves that he's in your thoughts 24/7. I can't even match you there bud, you can have Josh all to yourself
Oh, now Kubiak is soft because he inherited a broken David Carr and a mess of a Texans team.

I love Wade Phillips, but he is as soft as they come. An OK coordinator though. Hardly the Reason the rest of the AFC has been chasing the Texans all year or the fact that they rode a 3rd string rookie QB to the second round of the playoffs last year though.
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