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That 2005 team should be the poster team for a Mike Shanahan team post Elway. Smoke and mirrors with tape & bailing wire. Hell the very next draft he gave up half his draft to draft a QB so you know the 2005 team were a bunch of over achievers. Look at what Elway has done. This team is solid with some depth and mostly young with youth backing vets in most cases. All this in just two seasons after we finished 4 & 12
And you know what, Shanahan knew that team was all smoke and mirrors, which is why he blew it up. I really don't see how you can fault him for dragging what was left of the b2b teams to another Championship, realizing that was as far as he could get it, and hitting the reset button.

Really, I think 2006-08 you can actually see his rebuilding plan taking shape. It is the only time post Elway where there was a coherent rebuild plan. If anything, he coached too well, and we could have used a really down year to get a better pick. I will always lament the fact he didn't get one last year to address the defense. I think that was a team that was ready to turn the corner with one solid offseason. Instead we got McD needlessly hitting the reset button on the parts that had been assembled.

We are quite lucky to be in this position. The Manning scenario has never happened before, and we are even more fortunate that he has actually been able to return to form. While you can credit the braintrust, that is the type of hail mary a front office normally doesn't have an opportunity to make. What they do post Manning though should be what they are graded on. Hopefully not for several more years though.

I still think our depth is pretty bad. Just like when Elway was here, Manning makes alot of guys look/play better than they are. If anything, I think this proves that a franchise QB is a must in the NFL. Without it you have to be perfect assembling talent to keep pace. Hell trade Griese/Plummer for Manning and how many more championships would those supposedly talent deficient teams have netted? We weren't 2-14 talent level bad post Elway. The Colts really screwed Manning with what they gave him to work with all those years.
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