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Originally Posted by Orange&BlueMohawk View Post
Okay I have slowly been stockpiling my furiosity over the last couple weeks. If I'm not careful, I am going to start boiling over.

For as good as we are doing, and how we are looking going into the last week of the regular season, and potentially getting the Number 1 seed, the only thing Broncos in the entire 1 hour show was our three passing touchdown highlights, a total of 20ish seconds.

They spent more time talking about everything else (obviously) but most notably rookie QB's (RGIII, Luck, Wilson), coaching changes, and five minutes of a Chuggers/ Jets game with sound.

Hell, our game had to have been way more interesting than the Jets/ Chuggers. Even if ours wasn't close.

There was more interest/ coverage in the Vikings/ Texans (thanks AD) but we are better than the Texans.

Overall, I am more disappointed that there was a serious lack of interest in one of the better stories going into the playoffs, especially since we are at the top of our game, on a serious win streak, and roughly the top of power rankings. And how close the race for our Number 1 is.

Anyone else feeling this lack of love, or just getting fed up with it. Better start respecting. Also, other thoughts.
I find it frustrating to have just a quick blurb at the end of the show, which has been the case the on several occasions, however I chalk it up to many of your opponents. Other than the Ravens, most have been dogs that haven't warranted any respect. It's more about them sucking and less about disrespecting us.
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