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How about another team more recent.

49ers with Jim Harbaugh taking over. 2010/2011

Spoiler: a lot of the same players. more than 12.

Shanahan's inability to put together a team with players that are actually NFL caliber is well documented, there are articles out there that go so in depth with how ****ty the players he put on the Broncos were that it's really sad to think someone could just run at team like that in a "winning franchise."

You've got to be in straight denial to think anything else, other than just highlighting a few players when football is played with a 46 man roster every Sunday.

Shanahan isn't built for physical football. Well documented.

I think at this point in time, it's crucial to have a physical football team. I'm almost positive any fan here reading my post today would agree that they'd rather have a team that plays more physical like we do now (or Steelers or Ravens or 49ers etc) than a team that's soft and agile like how Shanahan coaches his teams.

*waits for someone to say Shanahan isn't a soft coach because Redskins are #1 in rushing*

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