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Another dip**** statement. Right now it's looking like Champs a HoF lock, with Marshall well on his way, and Clady likely to get there if he stays healthy as well, with Elvis a potential candidate as well. Then you have probowl tier guys like Woodyard, Cutler, Kuper also on the roster. Then you have the next tier of extremely solid players like DJ, Lichtensteiger, Polumbus, Tyson Clabo and Ryan Harris. And I'm not even getting into quality role player guys like Scheffler

In fact, let's play a game. You show me a roster turned over after a big coaching change several years ago with more players still in the league and ones that are remotely NEAR this quality of talent.

Spoiler alert: You can't. You just regurgitate bull**** by yelling about fringe depth and PS players.
Let's continue you this game to show you accuracy and nitpicking to help your case:

First off Tyson Clabo was on the Broncos in 2004 and that's it. Didn't play a game for us. So you completely failed here. Must have defended Shanahan in so many arguments you're forgetting what you're actually defending

So players like Polumbus and Ryan Harris are "extremely solid"? Yeah you must have some Shanahan in you, completely over exaggerating the talent of players. Ryan Harris is "extremely solid" ladies and gentleman. The injury prone player who can't finish a season and not to be taken serious by anyone. How are guys who barely start in their careers considered "extremely" solid.

I'm not even going to go through the roster because it's a joke. So over 2 sesasons (2007 and 2007) with a 52 man roster, including all the FAs signed due to the injuries that would boost that to probably around 60... considering all the roster changes that occur from season to season let's say that there were 70-75 players in those 2 season from Shanahan...

You named me 12 players. Do you realize how much of an idiot you'd have to be to even sell this joke to yourself?

12 players out of 70-75 players. Think about that for a second.

I don't even know what you're asking me to show you, but I'll show you a roster after a big coaching change several years ago with players just as good, if not, better than what you just listed.

Pittsburgh Steelers, 2006-2007. Coaching change.

Spoiler: there's HOF players and there a lot of players still in the league TODAY.

Spoiler: Rev lost.

My posts mainly are in regards to the **** defensive personel puts out. But yeah, it's not like most his running backs would be starting in any other type of system.

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