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Blatantly obvious bull**** claim. Pretty standard from you, though.
No, I've actually watched every second and every down of the Broncos this season...including pre-season. I have my DirectTV DVR recording every game too, so I have all the most recent games that the hard drive can hold. No bull **** here.

I will admit that I watched most the pre-season streaming though.

To nitpick, they're not #1 in RZ eff %, NE is and NO is #2. Regardless, I suppose by your statement you missed that NO's RBs have scored 17 TDs? Or how they're a full half yard per carry better than us rushing the ball and have a full 4 really talented backs?
Must have changed ...NO was #1 at a point but yes that's nitpicking.

What does NO's RB having 17 touchdowns have to do with anything? How about you actually tell the full truth and point out that they only have 10 rushing touchdowns? Or does that not help your case? Or how about of those 10 rushing touchdowns, only 7 were inside the red zone.

Out of the 49 touchdowns the Saints have scored this year, only 10 have been rushing and 7 of them actually inside the redzone.

lol @ 4 really talented backs..."really talented" got to be a joke in words to describe the RBs on the Saints. So talented none of them would be starting on the Denver Broncos RIGHT NOW.

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