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I hate anti Tebow , beat it to death when it's pointless guy AS WELL AS blinders wearing , not seeing Tebow has some major flaws, who can't be reasoned with Tebow lover equally at this point after living through this for however long it has been.

I tend to fall into a 3rd group who thinks Tebow is a NFL quarterback who is at this point non conventional , and maybe never will be. Who has issues with accuracy and reading Ds which causes him to miss timing routes and open receivers sometimes.
A lot of this being from his mechanics and not being ask to throw in rhythm to a spot where a Wr should be much... Can this stuff be fixed ? No one knows.

The kid is a fighter and seems to have a feel for big moments and I for one enjoyed his time in Denver. I also love having rid of some of the drama that surrounds him in no fault of his.... But I'll say this much , I'd never bet against the kid's heart and will to overcome.

And I say this as a borderline agnostic / atheist who hates the spread option style of football and didn't like Tebow in college ....
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