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Here's how superbowl tickets are distributed:

AFC Champion 17.5%
NFC Champion 17.5%
Host City 5.0%
NFL 25.2%
Other 29 teams 34.8%

Capacity for the Superdome is around 72,000, so each team playing will be allotted about 12,600 tickets. Those go to the players, coaches, staff and their families, sponsors, and then season ticket holders.

If I remember correctly from XXXII & XXXIII, there were only about a couple thousand tickets made available for the season ticket holder lottery. Maybe 2,500 or so. Not nearly enough!

The winners were allowed to go to Mile High to pick up their tickets and I remember being in a rather large crowd of people begging for those who weren't planning to go to sell their tickets. It was like a bunch of homeless people begging for quarters, lol.
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