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Rubin Carter

Originally Posted by Bigloco View Post
I've lived in Denver long enough to know its not really unlike many other big cities. If I wan't a decent bowl of Pad Thai, i can get it. Sushi? No problem. But what Denver used to be is a center point of the old west, and nothing defines that better to me than the Buckhorn Exchange.

I've been there a few times, taking clients and family, and its mostly unforgettable. The steaks are good and the atmosphere...well...if you go there, you'll see.

Thats the place to go if you want to see what the heart and soul of Denver used to be.
Well, between the Buckhorn Exchange, the perspective on what used to make Denver so unique, and the Sam Boik stems for days avi.....I believe you and I would get along just fine Bigloco. Well played across the boards!
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