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Originally Posted by barryr View Post
That is my point. A guy who doesn't play that much getting as much hate as he gets, but oh, it's just because he doesn't throw the ball well. Whatever. Since that doesn't wash with most sane people, then the tactic is to go after his character to help convince others or themselves it isn't personal and he has to be a bad guy no matter the stretch or lies used. It's pretty clear this has been going on for awhile now.

Who on here has said Tebow is a bad guy?

Who on here has questioned his character?

Again you talk about hatred aimed towards Tebow...but seriously, has any "hater" ever advocated that someone take a crowbar to his knees, or even his head like a Tebow fan wanted to do to Orton? Hell one of those clowns even had a crowbar as his avatar.

Did any "hater" ever propose the idea that the Broncos would be better off if Elway and Fox died in a plane crash like a Tebow fan did?

Did any of the "haters" call this organization classless, and say "F the Broncos" when Orton was benched, then waived and Tebow was inserted as the starter like a Tebow fan did when the Broncos signed Manning and traded Tebow?

so either produce these alleged "I hate that Christian Tebow guy" posts you claim have been made or stop perpetuating a ****ing myth.
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