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Originally Posted by barryr View Post
The criticisms of Tebow are largely not even based about football and has more to do with his religion and those that are threatened by it not liking him for it. If it was simply about his lack of accuracy as a QB, there still wouldn't be people talking about him and enjoying stating how terrible he is or trying to insinuate how dumb he is and can't read a simple playbook. I have seen other players who don't play but not get as much ink for lack of ability or perceived lack of ability, but they don't get talked about like Tebow does. He's a Christian who doesn't believe in abortion, so he must be smeared as much as possible and made to look bad and his fans belittled. The 1st Amendment and freedom of speech for some in this country applies to everyone except if you are an outspoken Christian. I swear those opposed to Christianity and don't believe in it spend as much worrying about, if not more, about it than those that believe in it. Heck, I see atheist writers writing tons of books about a subject they don't believe in. I just find that weird.
do you seriously believe this?

I'm sure there are some out there that hate baesd on his beliefs....but I think it's a pretty strong minority. What I see is people chaffing more and more about a marginal player getting ridiculous amounts of press; a back up with press conferences scheduled after games where he may have taken 2 snaps. They only people who think Tebow is hated for his religion are the people who only like him for his religion.
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