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Originally Posted by SouthStndJunkie View Post
I thought Demaryius Thomas deserved a spot.

His stats are in line with the AFC WRs who were voted in:

A.J. Green: 95 receptions for 1,324 yards and 11 TDs
Andre Johnson: 100 receptions for 1,457 yards and 4 TDs
Reggie Wayne: 102 receptions for 1,315 yards and 5 TDs
Wes Welker: 110 receptions for 1,260 yards and 5 TDs

Demaryius Thomas: 87 receptions for 1,312 yards and 9 TDs

DMT might be short a few less receptions than the others, but he had the highest YPC of the bunch at 15.1 ypc.

DMT's 9 TDs also ranked 2nd highest in that group.
Yeah, but I'm sure they believe its only because of Manning.
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