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Originally Posted by Bronco X View Post
How exactly is a bandwagon fan defined? Is there a difference between a bandwagon fan and a fair weather fan? I always regarded a "bandwagon" fan as a fan who would jump onto a hot team's bandwagon and act like they've always been a fan of that team. So maybe two years ago they were a Jets fan but now they've decided to root for the 49ers, something like that. Where as a fair weather fan will root for one team, but their interest rises and falls based on the success of the team.

While I do find bandwagon fans by this definition pretty lame, I don't really care. They probably define their music tastes based on what Simon Cowell thinks, but hey, to each their own. I find nothing at all wrong with fair weather fans. I mean it's about entertainment, and watching a bad team really isn't entertaining. I just can't get behind the notion that many sports fans seem to have that sticking with a team through bad times is some kind of virtue. I mean good for them for being passionate, but do we really have a more important reason to be following sports other than entertainment?
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