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Originally Posted by Bronco X View Post
How exactly is a bandwagon fan defined? Is there a difference between a bandwagon fan and a fair weather fan? I always regarded a "bandwagon" fan as a fan who would jump onto a hot team's bandwagon and act like they've always been a fan of that team. So maybe two years ago they were a Jets fan but now they've decided to root for the 49ers, something like that. Where as a fair weather fan will root for one team, but their interest rises and falls based on the success of the team.

While I do find bandwagon fans by this definition pretty lame, I don't really care. They probably define their music tastes based on what Simon Cowell thinks, but hey, to each their own. I find nothing at all wrong with fair weather fans. I mean it's about entertainment, and watching a bad team really isn't entertaining. I just can't get behind the notion that many sports fans seem to have that sticking with a team through bad times is some kind of virtue. I mean good for them for being passionate, but do we really have a more important reason to be following sports other than entertainment?
Nice post. I agree with the fair weather and bandwagon fan definitions. San Diego has biggest fair weather fans. The biggest band wagons fans seem to be the Packers and Pats. I did not think they had any fans until the late nineties. On the other hand, maybe where we think many of these guys are bandwagon, they really aren't, it's just there are a lot of crap places to be from. Pittsburg until recently, Green Bay, Dallas, pretty much all of the east coast, rust belt, etc....
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