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Originally Posted by Drunken.Broncoholic View Post
As far as the jets conspiracy? That's been played out when people assumed Elway was trying to sabatoge him.
I was one of the first to call bull**** on that conspiracy theory when that G'untar (or whatever his name was) dude came here from Broncos Country trying to sell it.

I will say this though, at a certain point... the Jets knew they couldn't save their season. Like last week... there was simply no reason not to stick Tebow in there. But, from Ryan's perspective... you have to wonder, what would the upside have been?

In other words, if Tebow does well... Ryan looks like an idiot for not having started him. Yet, it's too late for a real playoff run. It's the same reason Tebow won't play this week. They are washing their hands of him, which is only odd because... why trade for him in the first place?

I'm just a little more inclined to believe some kind of behind the scenes politics/business plays into the Jets situation more than it did with ours. They committed a lot of money to Sanchez and had to try to justify it, I believe.
Now, I also realize Tebow might not be able to run their offense. So, they may have been in a pinch. But, if the Broncos staff could throw together a game plan... the Jets staff could have. They chose not to, which doesn't affect my life in any way.

I will say... I hope Tebow plays next year. It's just fun to watch. It's that simple. He was a good Bronco and I wish him well. No worship, no hatred. Just a fun football player to watch.
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