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Living here in new jersey I've had the opportunity to watch the entire Tebow-jets experiment. My best friend is a big jets fan so I've watched just about every snap for the team this season. I've also been able to listen to the hourly discusiions in the press about the experiment.

Bottom line is they never gave Tebow a chance here. The moment he started the season as part of the punt team, it was clear that he would not only be passed over as a QB, but there may be serious efforts by the coaching staff to ruin Tebow's career. His only pass anyone remembers that was over 10 yards was right on the money but the receiver dropped the ball (as most jets receivers do). The worst part of the entire debacle is sanchez is an absolutely horrible QB. He can't hit the broad side of a barn. Everyone here had to watch every pass, and most of them were well off the mark (no pun intended).

I can only hope Tebow gets another shot somewhere, with a coaching staff that watched his Bronco film. For anyone thinking Tebow can't throw the ball, how do you explain many of the long pass completions he had as a Bronco

For every long pass, which weren't many, there were 5 in the dirt, 5 that sailed into a Gatorade cooler. Or he held onto the ball too long Resulting in a sack. He's a sub 50 percentage. That in itself proves he can't throw consistently. No one doubts he can't throw the ball far, it's the precise timing passing that is needed to succeed in this league.

As far as the jets conspiracy? That's been played out when people assumed Elway was trying to sabatoge him. You say jets recievers drop balls, then say Sanchez sucks. I agree he sucks, but isn't he throwing to the same recievers as tebow? Tebow looks to run most of his plays. So if its a passing plays he lumber jacks it into a run play

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