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Because it's an incredibly long laundry list of "lol you're not a #1 pick", but for a sample:

How about inconsistent mechanics and the subsequent accuracy issues that he's exhibited especially downfield, entirely shotgun experience, backfoot penchant without a "Cutler" tier arm to compensate. His gaudy numbers are a reflection of the passing scheme and Big-12 more than anything else. His "athleticism" will get exposed at the combine.

Also, for every ONE Clemson game, there's two Texas Tech and K-State.
Mechanics can't be fixed by coaching? I don't think they are that big of a problem. His accuracy is one of his best assets.

And in a completely different system, Geno had 24 TD's/8 INT's and 65% completion percentage. So much for him only being able to succeed in the spread eh?

I don't think he's a generational QB, but I think he is definitely better than a lot of the normal QB's of the last few years.
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