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Adam Gotsis

Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
YOu can say the same about us with Elway. Do the fans stick with the team even when Elway retires or we suck? I say we don't fall in the bandwagon fan claim. Sure we pick up more fans but that happens with every team.
THere are tons of Cowboys, Packers and Steelers fans out there and they have a hard core home base like Denver. When you see the team in a down year is when you can judge. Chargers' fans are one of the worst I have seen. If people say Seahawks, is that because the city and area is getting overly excited based on this year's team? Then if that does make a team a Bandwagon, what do you call Denver in 1977 when people were painting their homes orange?
I lived in Denver between 1970 & 1974, a period that the Broncos had still not had a winning season in its history. Yet, the Broncos were the talk of the town and they were filling the stadium every Home game even though they sucked. This was the time that I became a fan, and remained one when we moved back to So Cal. Did Elway bring more fans to the team? Sure he did, just like Manning is now.

My point with the Packers is that they had bad teams after Lombardi, and before Favre, yet I just don't remember the loyalty of their fans during that period. Maybe I am wrong, but I just think many Packer fans jumped on the wagon after Favre made them relevant again.
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