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If this was the case they would've used the same gameplan as the Detroit game in the following games. Assuring every game after would have the same outcome of suckness. But they didnt. They went to a dumbed down offense that tebow could run and try to win games with.

They really did though. Most of the reason Tebow had so many amazing comebacks was because of the ridiculously conservative playcalling. Run run pass, run run pass, run run run. The reason (IMHO) that Tebow was so good in the 4th quarter was because the coaching staff finally let him run a 4-5 wide spread offense. I've watched that last drive against the jets from last year a couple times the last few days and THAT Tebow can certainly play QB in the NFL. I think it will just take a coach willing to go all-in like with RG3, cam newton, or to a lesser extent kapernick.

On a side note, the broncos went from #1 rushing offense last year to mid twenties this year I think. I'm not saying I don't like having the offense we have this year, just an interesting stat.
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