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Originally Posted by R8R H8R View Post
Agreed. But is it because teams are falling behind and have to start throwing every down, or is it because he steps it up in clutch time? Probably a bit of both.
I think it has more to do with Doom not having to worry as much, if at all, about run stopping duties or anything else except getting to the QB. In those situations he gets to be one-dimensional, and it's the dimention he's best at.

For me I see Doom working hard most games. He seems a lot more aware than before in areas such as defending screens and draws. Although he does still get pushed past the QB by the OT a little more than I like, haivng Doom and Miller on this team is fantastic. If we could get a legitimate inside rush from the DT position just imagine how much better this pass rush could be. I think most of Wolfe's sacks have come when he was playing outside.
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