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Amazing how in love with Geno you are now...seeing as you were on Barkley's jock as late as Oct\Nov. Then when you saw his stock drop, you switched to Geno. You fall in and out of love quicker than a teenage girl.

Like all other Chief fans, you can convince yourself of anything. No need to think for yourself at all. Just read a mock draft that shows the Chiefs picking a QB and proudly proclaim...Thats my guy!!! No wait.....Thats my guy!!! No wait....Thats my guy!!!
Barkley was a great pick, but I jumped off his bandwagon when I found out that he was cheating.

He had great arm strength because USC ball boys deflated the ball some.

I still think he can be an Andy Dalton like QB in a good situation. He's really smart and has leadership.
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