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You're right. One was clutch carrying his team to their first ever BCS Championship in an undefeated season.

The other completely pissed his team out of any form of contention.

I'm really looking forward to the latter coming to AFCW.

Maybe "Red Drank" this time?
Well Rev,I see you have never watched a WVU game before. If you did, maybe you'd see that their defense is the worst in college football, his running game is non-existent, his OL is average at best, his ST's has given up 3 TD's as well as his kicker not being able to make chip shots and his HC has no idea how to fix any of it.

Geno put his team in a position to win twice against TCU and multiple times vs OU.

But hey, I guess that's Geno's fault too.
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