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C J Anderson

Let's be honest Shanny's whole football program time was up here. People make excuse for injuries, but there is something behind that too. All teams DEAL with injuries. All of them. But the fact is, Shanny never had a strength/condition program that was up to par. Champ Bailey was injured all the damn time when Shanny was here... and that's just 1 player. Combine that with the fact that there was no sort of next man up mentality... more of a, we'll look for someone on FA mentality.

Are people really surprised there are injuries to his Redskins team? I mean he doesn't prepare them for a physical season.
This is something that has been overlooked for years. Ever since Mike left and Tuten was fired the ligament injuries have been cut way back and injuries in general seem to be less. It would be good to see some actual stats on this but I don't think they are kept.

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