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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by Drek View Post
Michael Strahan had 4 of those 14+ sack seasons in his 14 season career.

Reggie White only put up 14+ sacks in 7 of his 15 seasons.

Julius Peppers has only done it once in 10 seasons, that one time was 14.5.

Joey Porter did it once in 12 years.

James Harrison has done it once in 10.

Terrell Suggs has done it once, barely with 14.0 sacks, in 9 years.

Jared Allen has done it 4 times in his 8 year career.

See how crazy your standard is?

Breaking double digits is the mark of a sack specialist. That pushes you over a sack every other game, meaning he's a better than 50/50 bet to get one any given week.

Doom is a sack specialist on par with the majority of his peers. His he Jared Allen? No, but Miller is and Doom is still producing. That's a rare tandem to find.
The standard is not crazy. What's crazy is that you think that just because those guys were all each fantastic players that every single season they played surely must have been a fantastic season. You know, it is possible that fantastic players can have good seasons also. But the mere fact that now and then these types of players rise up and have fantastic seasons, that is the bar for a "fantastic" season.

But what are we talking about here? Very small difference between a good year and fantastic year. We're not that far apart in how we view Doom's season this year. You think it's fantastic, you think it's one for the ages, I think it's a good season.

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