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Originally Posted by peacepipe View Post
It's one thing to know what to do in a classroom environment,but once the bullets start flying it's a different animal. There have been plenty of QBs drafted that looked good in the classroom/interview only to fall flat on their face once the whistle blows. It's no secret that tebow struggles reading defenses.
I think that over his career playing football that he has been successful beating defenses otherwise he would not have won ONE and almost another Hiesman..

Not to mention he beat a lot of defenses in DEN. He has never seen a propensity for fail.

I'm not saying the those defenses he played against here were all that great. But he never swathe field in NY. And sparano was a master at his style of running the ball. Was fatso excited to have him, let me just use two words. COACH SPEAK, the owner wanted hype and they got it what else is the coach supposed to say or act.

I'd like to see him given a fair shake and if he doesn't cut it then he can move on.
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