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Originally Posted by cmhargrove View Post
I was out of town and just got to watch the Browns game.

The flexibility that Moreno offers as both a move the chains runner, and a wideout cannot be underestimated. Willis just isnt the same receiving threat as Knowshon. He may not be spectacular, but definitely is looking like he can fill the multi-threat role better than any other back on our roster.

He still has a few issues with conditioning, and that is why I would love to see Willis back sometime during the playoffs. A fresh McGahee fighting for his spot (next year) could be a beautiful thing at just he right time.

Couldn't agree more on the versatility of Moreno. He's always been the type of player that is the perfect fit for Manning's offense. So important that he his healed up and playing well with the improved attitude. So many things have gone right for this team. These are the synchronistic events you need to have happen in a season to get to play in the big game and win.
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